Advice For Renting A Winter Vacation Home In Fernie, British Columbia

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Renting A Winter Vacation Home

A winter vacation home is a great option for a lot of reasons, however when you are looking at some of the vacation homes you may notice the price is out of your range. This is often when you turn to looking at renting a home. The difference is the winter vacation home rental is only for a short time period and often you will not consider the things you usually would and this makes it easier for you to make a mistake on where you rent a house. Since this is the case, we have come out with some advice to help in finding the perfect winter vacation home in Fernie, British Columbia.

Consider the Location

Location of the home in relation to the town is one of the main considerations you should make. While the town itself is located in the Elk Valley region, you need to realize this does not mean all the homes are in the town. So you could find a home that is outside of the town proper but could find one in town. So you will want to make sure you find a home in an area that you can easily get to and realize that if it does snow you could end up getting snowed in depending on how bad the snow comes down.

With the location, you will want to consider the ease of access to the rental home. This kind of touches on the first point we made, but you need to consider the type of roadway the home is located on. If it is on a gravel road and it snows the chances of the road getting cleared properly and in a timely manner will be reduced. However, if the rental home is located near the main highway, then you will most likely get the road cleared rather quickly, making it very easy for you to get to the home.



Consider the Amount of Space You Will Need

The number of rooms inside of the house is something else to consider. While a rental home is usually a regular house, you need to realize sometimes these will be a duplex or other type of rental property. Nonetheless, you should make sure to look at how many bedrooms the property has and how many people are allowed to stay in the property during your stay. If you go over the limit and are caught, the owners will typically charge you more money for the extra people.

Consider the Amenities That Are Important to You

While the skiing in the region is great, you need to realize a lot of the properties you are looking at as a rental home will have a variety of amenities for when you are not on the slopes. Some of these amenities can include something as simple as a hot tub on the balcony to help you ease your muscle aches after the slopes all day. However, a common amenity on most properties is going to be various gaming tables inside of the property to help you pass the time when you are waiting to get on the slopes or to even play games with family members to promote bonding as a family unit.

Guest Services

Often, condo and rental property owners will provide housekeeping services similar to a hotel. This is usually outsourced to a local company who normally provides residential house cleaning services. The only difference is the cleaning team will drive to the location. For shorter stays such a long weekends, the company may come in between tenants to ready the suite for the next renter.


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